The Power of Mesh WiFi and Cable IT 

In today's digitally connected world, a strong and reliable internet connection is essential for a seamless home network experience. That's where mesh WiFi and Cable IT come together to revolutionize your home network infrastructure. Mesh WiFi technology, coupled with the expertise of Cable IT, offers a host of benefits that will transform your home into a high-performance hub of connectivity.


The Power of Mesh WiFi in Your Home

Mesh WiFi is a game-changer, designed to eliminate frustrating dead zones and provide blanket coverage throughout your home. By deploying multiple interconnected access points, mesh WiFi creates a unified network that extends its reach to every corner of your house. With mesh WiFi, you can bid farewell to weak signals and enjoy uninterrupted connectivity on all your devices.

Seamless Connectivity

 Say goodbye to frustrating signal drops and inconsistent connections. Mesh WiFi ensures seamless connectivity throughout your home, allowing you to effortlessly browse the web, stream movies, and connect multiple devices simultaneously.

Complete Coverage

Mesh WiFi eliminates the frustration of dead zones by spreading coverage evenly across your home. Whether it's the basement, the top floor, or the furthest corner, you'll enjoy a strong and reliable WiFi signal throughout.

Enhanced Performance

With mesh WiFi, you can experience faster data speeds and reduced latency. Whether you're gaming, video conferencing, or downloading large files, you'll enjoy a smooth and lag-free online experience.

Easy Expansion

As your home network needs grow, mesh WiFi provides a scalable solution. You can effortlessly expand your network by adding more access points, ensuring consistent coverage even in larger homes.

Mesh WiFi, combined with Cable IT's services, empowers you to create a robust and reliable home network. Say goodbye to connectivity frustrations and dead zones, and enjoy seamless connectivity, complete coverage, enhanced performance, and easy expansion. 

Partner with Cable IT for expert consultation, seamless installation, ongoing support, and the advantage of Cat 6 high-speed copper cabling. Elevate your home network experience today with mesh WiFi and Cable IT, and embrace the future of superior connectivity.


The Benefits

Streaming on Smart TV

No more 

With high-speed mesh WiFi, you can experience faster data speeds and reduced latency. Watch full films or series without those annoying pauses and play online games without any interruptions.

Playing online games

Real time 

Fast speeds can be achieved  with a low latency connection. Meaning you can play some of the most demanding online games without loss of connection

Working from Home


High-speed mesh WiFi means no annoying connectivity issues whilst on important video calls. With mesh WiFi you can move seamlessly around the home without loss of connection

Mesh WiFi Systems

This video demonstrates the fantastic new technology of mesh WiFi systems. Some of the benefits of a mesh system:

  • It provides you with one seamless WiFi network so you can roam around the house without losing connection.
  • It's super fast compared to standard Wi-Fi routers with speeds on 5ghz connection up to 1800mbps.
  • It can be complemented with hard-wired cables to provide an extremely reliable and stable connection
  • The system has 2-3 small devices that can be discreetly placed around the home.



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